Billions of dollars are available for companies installing energy-efficient solutions such as lighting, HVAC systems, and kitchen equipment. Even if you’re already taking advantage of some of these rebates, are you sure that you’re not missing out on any?

When it comes to programs for energy efficiency installations, it takes careful attention and planning to get the most cash possible. Many different variables affect rebate eligibility and the final dollar amount that you will receive. The chart below shows just a few ways to maximize your rebates.

Optimize Timing

Since rebate programs often have a fixed amount of funds to work with and can quickly run out of money with little notice, timing of your project is critical for eligibility. In addition, installation must be scheduled correctly to allow for any inspections and pre-approval requirements which vary widely

Bonus Programs

Utilities or states may offer lucrative bonus programs for a very limited time. These programs can add anywhere from 20-50% additional funds but are not often widely publicized.


Sometimes the energy efficiency measure you are planning to install isn’t specifically covered by a rebate program. For these types of projects, negotiations can be necessary to secure the rebate and maximize the cash benefit.

Choose the right systems

Equipment that qualifies for rebates in one location may be ineligible in another. You need to make sure to select a product that will qualify in order to take advantage of the funds. In some areas, by using equipment that is slightly more expensive, you can significantly increase rebates and actually lower your investment costs.

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