For businesses across the United States, finding and capturing all of the available rebates and incentives can be a very difficult process. More than 3,000 electric utilities span the country, each potentially with different rebate programs and eligibility requirements. Even after the correct program is identified, you still have to fill out all the necessary paperwork, provide the technical data, run calculations and constantly follow up with the rebate program staff which is time consuming and confusing.

By partnering with Techsmart and its partners that specializes in rebates and incentives, you can eliminate all the hassle and confusion and make sure you get the most money possible.

Techsmart can help you by:

  • Identifying virtually all rebates and incentives for your project.
  • Running a detailed analysis to maximize your potential rebate dollars.
  • Negotiating with organizations to ensure the preferred solution will receive the best possible rebate.
  • Working with the rebate program staff and contractor/distributor/customer to arrange pre-approvals, pre-inspections and post-inspections as appropriate.
  • Filing all rebate paperwork.
  • Ensuring the rebates are collected.

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